St. John's Living Center

St. John’s Living Center is a 60 bed dually certified long term care skilled nursing facility that is part of St. John’s Medical Center, located in Jackson, Wyoming. The Living Center currently serves about fifty residents who receive skilled and long term care services. Hospice services are also available to the residents. The Hospital and Living Center are physically connected and share support services including environmental services, maintenance, information systems, medical records, human resources, pharmacy, and billing. The Hospital and the Living Center are both Joint Commission accredited. The Living Center is the only Eden registered nursing home in Wyoming. St. John’s began its Eden journey in 2005 and obtained registry status in January 2010.

The Eden philosophy of care is a culture change from the traditional medical model of nursing home care to creating an environment that is truly a home. The Eden Alternative strives to combat the three plagues of a traditional nursing home: loneliness, boredom, and helplessness. By becoming an Eden registered home, the Living Center has demonstrated its commitment to creating a home and community, which allows each person who joins with us to feel welcome, well-known, and have a life worth living. As our mission statement notes, “Life happens here!” The Eden philosophy focuses on building relationships among residents, families, staff, volunteers, and other community members.

There are approximately 215 homes throughout the United States who have committed to the Eden philosophy of care and creating a cultural transformation within their organization. The Path to Mastery: The Art of Creating a Caring Community was developed to document the cultural transformation process using outcome milestones related to personal, organizational, and physical transformation.