Board Meeting Highlights and Minutes January 27, 2012

Highlights from the Board of Trustees Meeting 1-27-12:

There were no special announcements or education presentation tonight.


The Board approved the minutes from the meeting held on December 19, 2011. These minutes will be available at next week.

Credentialing and Policies:

John Payne, DO presented the credentialing and policy recommendations including a new privilege request, reappointments and new appointments that were all approved at JCC and included in the committee report from January 23, 2012. The Board approved all recommended items and policies. There was also a physician’s request for a six month leave of absence which was approved by JCC and also approved by the Board.

Finance Committee:

John Kren gave an overview of the monthly financial statement for December, 2011. The acute inpatient departments were up to par this month however a slightly less than expected volume of inpatient surgeries resulted in inpatient revenue finishing the month 3.4% below budget. December’s outpatient statistics, including outpatient surgery, were less than hoped; however, a strong month of MRI’s and the particular mix of outpatient surgeries resulted in outpatient revenue coming in on budget. December’s operating expenses came in right on budget. This combined with a non-operating gain of $25,000 and total tax revenue of $469,000 resulted in a net gain of $524,000 for the month.

Facilities Committee:

Jim Johnston stated that all user groups have met with the architects and reviewed the revised expansion plans. We should have new renderings by the end of February and are working to get a guaranteed maximum price for the project. Final permitting documents should be ready the end of March and we anticipate in May that we will have a guaranteed maximum price to present to the Board for approval.

MRI Committee:

John Kren said they have done one site visit and have three more to go in reviewing new magnets. They hope to have all site visits done by early March so they can present their recommendations to the Board for their review at the March meeting. Mr. Kren also stated that the transition has gone well with the hospital taking over MRI operations. Central scheduling is handling the appointments and the process is working smoothly.

Strategy Committee:

Barbara Herz stated that they are focusing on selecting a CEO who will be very strong on moving ahead in quality and cost effectiveness issues. The committee has worked very hard in interviewing potential candidates and discussing the potential changes in healthcare that are coming.

Steering Committee:

The committee headed by John Kren, along with other members of administration and medical staff, is continuing to review models for a hospital sponsored medical group.

Reports and Updates from Administration:

Gary Trauner noted that we are now live with CPOE and the ED management (whiteboard) software from McKesson. IT is a continuing challenge as it changes work flows for the physicians and nursing staff but everyone is doing well with the changes. October 2013 is the timeline for ICD10 which will increase the number of billing codes physicians use. We are on schedule with all other meaningful use measures.

Karen Connelly reported on the marketing efforts made in December and January. The new winter edition of the Jackson Hole Magazine came out in December and for the first time we included a 4 page layout of articles and ads that highlighted some of our physicians, the Center of Excellence, quality and patient safety statistics and a visitor medical services map. Other efforts included promotions for the health fair blood draws – early bird special and for heart health month - CT calcium scoring exams. The lunchtime learning series included presentations on genetics, preventing winter overuse injuries, and lymphedema. We are advertising the St. John’s 4 Peaks Clinic in Driggs and produced a new quality of care ad. The website received an upgrade to the operating platform which will enable us to create a more sophisticated on-line directory and more integrated mobile site.

Tara Hagen gave a quarterly update to the Board on staff effectiveness and safety. She also noted that the 2011 staff performance appraisal process utilizing the new software system was completed and they are now evaluating the satisfaction of the new process and gathering data for improvement.

There were no public comments at tonight’s meeting.

These are the highlights. Final approved minutes of the board meetings and monthly financial reports are available on the public website. Please mark your calendars for the next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees which will be Wednesday, February 22, 2012 with public session starting at 4:00 pm.

Thank you –
Sherry Wieters
Executive Assistant
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