St. John’s Oncology Department Receives Signature Ringholz Painting

On Tuesday, July 29, artist Amy Ringholz and her staff installed the painting “Catch Fire, Rise Again” in the new Oncology Pavilion at St. John’s Medical Center. An anonymous donor gave the painting to the oncology department in appreciation for the care offered by St. John’s oncology team.

Staff and patients were particularly excited about the addition to the Oncology department, as the bold oil and ink painting features a phoenix, a mythical being that dies in fire and is then reborn from the ashes. Inspiring, uplifting, and hopeful, the painting is symbolic of recovery from cancer.

“I think that a painting was always meant to go where it ends up,” Ringholz said as “Catch Fire, Rise Again,” was hung in the patient care area.

St. John’s Hospital Foundation, which is the steward of the hospital's art collection, was pleased to accept the donation.

“Our mission is to create a healing environment,” said Foundation vice president, Jen Simon, who, in partnership with the community art committee, oversees the hospital's art collection. “And clinical research continues to document the benefits of art. Art in hospitals has been proven to improve recuperation time, lower blood pressure, and contribute to staff morale.”

The Oncology Pavilion opened in early April as part of the recent expansion at St. John’s Medical Center. The new space includes increased privacy with electric chemotherapy treatment chairs, a nurses’ station, two exam rooms, a therapy procedure room, and offices for staff including University of Utah Health Care’s Dr. John Ward who visits every other week.

For more information or to donate to St. John’s Hospital Foundation, visit or contact John Goettler, president, at 307 739 7516 or Jen Simon, vice president, at 307 739 7529.

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